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A Thrilling and Puzzling Experience – 2 Multi-Room Themes

Blackbeard has Shanghaied You!

Pirate Room 2.0 at Escape Tybee
ALL NEW for 2019! You are stuck on the ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, and the Crew is leaving to have some fun on Tybee Island. They will be back in one hour. You also know there is a treasure aboard. Can you find the treasure and get off the ship in time?
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The Tybee Bomb is Armed!

Tybee Bomb Room 2.0 at Escape Tybee
All NEW for 2019! In the late 1950’s a U.S. Air Force B-47 jettisoned a hydrogen bomb into the waters south of Tybee Island. No one ever found it until now. The bomb has been found and armed and you have 60 minutes to disarm it before disaster.
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We are only a short drive from Savannah

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Team BURGHERS made it!

It was very, very close – Blackbeard almost saw them as they were floating away. But this 2 person team persevered and solved everything in time. Great Job Team BURGHERS!

Team Decimator Chickens

Team Decimator Chickens made it!

And they now have the best unassisted time for the Tybee Bomb 2.0 game. Such a clever, enthusiastic and inquisitive crew! Great Job Team Decimator Chickens!

Team Channel 4 News Team

Team Channel 4 News Team made it!

This was clearly an experienced team. They did a wonderful job of working together and figuring out all of the clues. It was a very close game and everyone in the southeast almost died but luckily, with one second left, this Team saved us all (and no clued!). Great Job Team Channel 4 News Team!

Team Decimator Chickens

Team Decimator Chickens made it!

This highly energetic and enthusiastic crew managed to escape the scary Pirates with plenty of time to spare. They had such a great time they are planning to come back and save us from the Tybee Bomb. Great Job Team Decimator Chickens!

Carolina Crew

Team Carolina Crew made it!

This was a partially experienced team but the whole crew caught on quickly and did a great job of escaping from the dastardly Pirates. Great Job Team Carolina Crew!

Team Nico made it!

It was very, very close but this team of first-timers escaped (barely!!!). Great Job Team Nico!

What is an Escape Room?

A 60-Minute thrilling game played indoors – no bugs, cool AC.

An Escape Room, also known as a “puzzle room”, “breakout room” or “escape game”, is an immersive reality experience. It is a physical game – no phones, no electronics – in which a team of players enter a room and then attempt to solve a series of puzzles to accomplish the goal of the room. Players are given clues, hints and strategy to complete the game.

From the Washington Post: The format originated in Japan, according to the blog Room Escape Artist, and exploded in popularity across Asia and Europe before making its debut in the United States in 2012. There are now more than 2,200 escape room locations across the country, with themes such as jail breaks, Harry Potter, pirates, zombie apocalypses, Vegas parties and lab experiments gone wrong.
Other Parts of the Experience
  • Team Based: Between 2 & 8 people can go through a room. Teamwork is necessary and it is a great way to get to know somebody.
  • Clear Objective: It is not always the objective to “Escape” the room but the objective should be clear and understandable.
  • The Story: Most of the fun is getting into the story. At Escape Tybee all of our themes are based on something that really happened on Tybee Island.
  • Types of Puzzles: You may have to find a hidden item; you may have to use a cipher to decode a message; you may have to do pattern matching and recognition; there may be a little math. Generally there isn’t any extreme logical thinking – really, you just need creativity and a little “thinking outside of the box.”
  • Puzzles in Parallel: Some puzzles have a variety of elements so it would make sense for the team to break up into little groups and solve bits of the puzzle at the same time.
  • Time Limit: At Escape Tybee you get 60 minutes to solve your puzzle.

Good luck.

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About Us

Escape Tybee is a family operation. We fell in love with escape rooms during the summer of 2017
and we wanted to bring that experience to Tybee Island. We opened our first room in June of 2018 and opened our second room in mid-July of 2018.
We hope you enjoy your experience.

Here’s why you’ll love Escape Tybee

Dedication to Fun!

We really want you to have a good time. We can give you extra hints if you need them and we are happy to explain any puzzle that you didn’t get.

Great Value!

We are one of the best priced rooms in the area.

Large Groups are Welcome!

We can easily accommodate groups of 10 or 11. Also, if you have extra people they are welcome to watch the action on the screen with the game master.

Large Deck!

Come out and enjoy the weather (and maybe a beverage). Order your takeout or delivery and eat it here!

Team Office of International Program and Services from Georgia Southern University at Escape Tybee

Team Building at Escape Tybee

Intensive situations where successful collaboration yields excellent results.

  • Utilizes teams strengths and weaknesses.
  • Engaging and Fun!
  • Helps team learn how to approach and solve unique challenges.

Contact us if you have any questions about Team Building at Escape Tybee.

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We serve Beer and Wine!

We are always changing our selection of craft beers, wines, sangrias, seltzers and more! You don’t need to drink a lot, but one or 2 drinks might help you be more creative.

Beer and Wine List

beer and wine served at escape tybee
parties at escape tybee

Parties and Events

Celebrate at Escape Tybee! All types of groups have had a great time celebrating at Escape Tybee.

  • Birthday Parties for all ages!
  • Bring your own food!
  • Play games on big deck or hang out at Bar!

Contact us if you have any questions about Parties or Events at Escape Tybee.

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